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3rd Prize on TDK

November 23rd, 2021|

Our TDK student, Péter Hornung received 3rd Prize on the Annual Scientific Student Associations' Conference at BME (TDK) Title: Optimization of termoelectric acceleration sensor operating conditions Supervisor:  Dr. Szabolcs Berezvai, Dr. János Volk Section: Applied Mechanics Paper: https://tdk.bme.hu/GPK/AKM24/Autonom-termoelektromos-gyorsulasmero-szenzor Congratulations.

Z. Baji et al: Atomic layer deposition and characterization of Zn-doped Ga2O3 films

July 23rd, 2021|

The present work focuses on the atomic layer deposition (ALD), annealing, and Zn doping of gallium oxide (Ga2O3) films using a novel Ga precursor, hexakis-dimethylamino-digallium. As ALD deposited Ga2O3 films are always amorphous, the optimal annealing procedure had to be found to achieve crystalline beta -Ga2O3. The bandgaps and dielectric properties of the layers were measured and the effects of the deposition parameters and postdeposition annealing on the [...]

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